Musical Sound produced by the vocal chords and resonated by the cavities of the head and throat of
Natasha Shneider & Alain Johannes
Musical percussion instuments usually consisting ofjollow cylinders with skin heads stretched over each end that is beaten with a stick or sticks
Greg Upchurch
A small usually portable instrument that is played by means of a keyboard like that on a piano and that produces a variety of sounds electronically
Natasha Shneider
Flat-bodied string instrument with a long fretted neck and usually six strings plucked with a pick or with fingers
Alain Johannes
Written & Produced by
Alain Johannes/Natasha Shneider
Recorded at
11 AD by Alain Johannes
All songs published by
JS Bond/Channel This Music (ASCAP)
Mastered at
AGM Mastering by Dave Collins
Steffo Mitakides/Kitchentable Artist Management
John Wadlow/12M Management
CD Artwork
Alain Johannes
Randee St. Nicolas
Digital Media Graphics
ELEVEN Deeply Thanks
Tom WhalleyAl CafaroDavd AnderleSteve Berman
Brenda RomanoDebbie Southwood-SmithUsa Ballard
Peter PaternoJennie BoddyIan HofmannTerry Dry
Melissa TaylorChristina MelocheJoe Mama
Andrew Van MeterDave CollinsAndrew Garver
Rik ReederTim GodwinTed BurgerLeslie Lewis
Team 11the staff @Interscope/AGM
and anyone we might have missed who should be thanked


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