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We are in musical heaven”, said Alain Johannes of the seminal rock trio Eleven in a recent posting on the band’s website He was referring to the homecoming of drummer Jack Irons, who along with Natasha Shneider and himself founded Eleven in LA in the early ‘90s. To Eleven fans this was no ordinary announcement. It signaled a return to the chemistry and energy that established Eleven as one of rock’s most innovative bands. Their new album “Howling Book” is the result of this reunion. “Howling Book” brings three lifelong friends together again to share their musical vision. Eleven’s journey has always been about invention and an endless commitment to pushing the boundaries of rock music.

Eleven’s sound is unmistakable. Natasha Shneider’s voice is sultry and hypnotic and her keyboard mastery is represented in her electric piano, organ and Moog bass playing. Alain Johannes’ guitar playing is emotive and textural with a virtuoso’s flair for subtlety. His voice adds a powerful complement to Natasha’s and this duality of expression gives the songs a timeless quality. Jack Irons is the rhythmic heart of Eleven. His drumming is profound and always rooted in a complete understanding of the pulse that gives music the power to communicate. On “Howling Book” the band is at the height of its creative powers. From the emotional balladry of “Kill Me No More”, “Howling Book” and “Simple Kiss” to the full-tilt rock of “Show Me Something” and “All My Friends” and the groove-heavy atmosphere of “You’re My Diamond” and “Now Is The Word”, Eleven have captured the essence of their vision: a unique synthesis of all styles and periods of music focused and forced onto a rock aesthetic.

The band's history began in Los Angeles when Jack and Alain began playing as teenagers and formed their first band Anthym with Flea and Hillel Slovak. This incarnation became What Is This and soon thereafter Flea left to form The Red Hot Chili Peppers with Anthony Kiedis, Hillel and Jack. Both bands were sharing members and when label offers came Hillel and Jack opted to stay in What Is This with Alain and with bassist Chris Hutchinson released the critically acclaimed and influential Ep 'Squeezed'. After the recording of the second What Is This album ' What Is This', Hillel and Jack rejoined The Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was at this time that Natasha and Alain met and immediately bonded musically. They formed the duo Walk The Moon and started exploring songwriting often performing with just piano and guitar. Eleven was born soon thereafter, when Jack left The Red Hot Chili Peppers. They have toured extensively with Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Queens Of The Stone Age and have built a loyal world wide following. Eleven have released 5 uncompromising albums, including ' Awake In A Dream' (1991), 'Eleven' (1993), ' Thunk' (1995), ' Avantgardedog' (2000), and now ' Howling Book' (2003), their first release on their own label Pollen.

Eleven possesses one of the richest musical histories in rock. Jack has manned the drums for Pearl Jam, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Joe Strummer and Neil Young. Alain and Natasha have become a sought after production team working on albums such as Chris Cornell's 'Euphoria Morning' on which they also wrote, performed and toured, Lives V, No Doubts 'Return Of Saturn', Steadman's ' Revive', and ' The Desert Sessions '7&8' and ' 9&10' with Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age. Most of the recording takes place at 11AD their home studio and creative backdrop for Eleven's musical life.
'Howling Book' out on 11/11 was self-produced, recorded and mixed in its entirety at 11AD underscoring Eleven's creative independence and autonomy.
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